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Acrelic Group was founded to provide global executives with creative, results-oriented, roll-up-the-shirtsleeves resources to solve significant business challenges. Acrelic Group is a unique, action-oriented management consulting firm. We have extensive operating and line management track records, management consulting experience, and proven communications and consulting methodologies. Most importantly, all work is geared toward the successful execution of strategic, highly valued initiatives. This is what we believe separates us and our clients from the competition. Successful execution of the right, focused initiatives ensures success, especially in rapidly changing environments.

We work quickly to understand the driving forces behind revenue growth and identify any issues that are holding the company back. We work to fix the problems and not just mask the apparent symptoms. Once we know what needs attention, we work on reducing the risks and eliminating the problems with minimal cost, effort and as little organizational change as possible. Our extensive experience allows us how to implement rapidly and successfully. We won’t just talk; We’ll help you to get it done...    

Our team averages 20+ years of experience and has broad operating and consulting experience. We have been through many economic cycles from boom to bust. We have worked with many of the Fortune and Global 2000, private and public mid-sized, and small and emerging companies.  We truly appreciate success when our client teams and leaders  accomplish results that they never thought or expected to achieve...

Helping People Achieve Remarkable Results

Since our consultants are agile, pragmatic, and functionally experienced, we can work through problems from large to small with equal facility. Our efforts can be summarized around the following business challenges:  (Double Click + for More).


Optimizing your Business to Free Up Cash and Improve Profitability


Identifying and Pursuing Profitable Sources of Revenue


Charting a Course for Successful Growth


Achieving and Sustaining Market Leadership


What makes Acrelic Group Unique

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Hot Topics and News

Case Study

Learn more about our client who believes he reduced, by more than 70%, his cost of new market entry.


News:  October 2008

To continue accelerating Acrelic Group's momentum, two New Principals have joined Acrelic Group.  Welcome. 

Rod Everhart
Brian Rezach

News:  January 2008

Three new principals join Acrelic and bring strong marketing and finance credentials to our clients:

Andrew Lippman
Howard Fiderer
Sammy Thomas

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